The following list contains the services that Conway Sports provides to Player clients.
  • Player contract negotiation
  • Advising of potential draftees
  • Player transfers
  • Appearances/endorsements/sponsorship deals
  • Press and public relations
  • Soccer coaching and instruction (both for player client to improve their game through mentoring from Conway Sports relationships and providing coaching opportunities to supplement the player clients playing career income) where applicable
  • Training services and facilities if needed (including personal training and position specific coaching)
  • Booking flights or other travel arrangements as related to appearances/endorsements
  • Arranging for housing and transportation and the transportation of vehicles or property (and/or family)
  • Arranging for tickets to events
The following list contains services which Conway Sports LLC will assist Players in securing.
  • Financial Planning or advice
  • Legal advice
  • Insurance
  • Investment advice
  • Asset management
  • Bill paying services
  • Tax planning or advice
  • Tax return preparation